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_MG_0309cI’m 50…Now What?

I’m Beth Anderson.  I’m a writer, blogger, photographer, mother, daughter, business owner and teacher. During the day, I teach 3rd grade in a Title 1 school in Oklahoma. At night, I run a stylish online fashion, travel & food magazine, plus a top-notch editorial writing and blog management business. I’m a member of the Sandwich Generation.  I’m a single-mom juggling two children and two parents.

Gia asked me to join her fabulous website as a contributor.  We were having one of our long phone conversations and every subject we touched on sparked the comment, “That needs to be a blog post!”.  So I’m here to share my thoughts on life after 50 years old.  I have some pretty strong opinions about my age and life in general. My posts are frank, uncensored, opinionated and based on my real-life experiences. Hope you can relate to my stories and will share your thoughts with me.

I hope you enjoy my column: I’m 50…Now What?


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