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Spray Tan Review


Who doesn’t want a Golden Tan? I mean really ? When you’re tan you look the picture of good health, you appear slimmer, you can also hide any skin imperfections… I could go on and on… Being in the Business of Beauty… I tend to get offered many services and products. Recently I went on

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Bath and Body Soap

Earth Day

Ahhhh… After a long day there is nothing more I like to do than come home relax and take a soothing bath! I call it my Spa time… and I’m not talking about using products you find in the grocery store! Especially when you see the ingredients and find what’s in them! Eeeeek! Recently I

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Dimitri James – Skinn Cosmetics


Can YOU say Wow!!! I’m beyond excited to interview Dimitri James on Thursday April 3rd on Gia’s Beauty Talk Live DIMITRI JAMES Dimitri James is a professional make up artist whose work has graced the runway and the red carpet as well as national and international television shows and magazines. The author of Becoming Beauty

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Robert Jones – Beauty Academy


I’m so excited to have a LIVE interview with the talented Robert Jones – on Thursday March 20th on Gia’s Beauty Talk Live I love his Approach on Women and Beauty and also we have so much in common when it comes to our fur babes… Meet Gigi Who is Robert Jones? Robert Jones is

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